ClobberBlog, 2008 – 2014

January 9, 2016

ClobberBlog, a blog dedicated to Mormon-Evangelical interfaith discussion, was the personal blogging project of Bridget Jack Jeffries (formerly Meyers) from July 14, 2008 through June 25, 2014. It started at Typepad in July 2008:

ClobberBlog_TypepadThen moved to WordPress.com in August 2008:

Then got its own domain and became www.ClobberBlog.com sometime in 2009:


Before coming to rest in this final form:


The registration came due in July 2015, and since I had not blogged there in over a year, I decided it was time to retire the blog and not pay to keep it up anymore.

Over the course of its run, ClobberBlog was mentioned in The Washington Post and linked to on the PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly site. I published a well-received editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune, a review of the NIV-2011 in Priscilla Papers, and an article on evangelical feminism and outreach to Mormons in Mutuality. It was a good run, friends were made, and fun was had.

If you’re here because you think ClobberBlog sounds like a great name for your new blogging project, please know that you have my permission to register the domain and use the name with my blessing. (Well, okay, you might not have my blessing if you’re anti-Christian… or a Democrat… but, the name is all yours just, the same. ;-).)

If you’re here because you enjoy my writing and you wanted to know if I’m still around, you’ll be pleased to know that I’m still bringing sexy back to evangelical Christianity over at:

Weighted Glory: The Bible, the Church & Spirituality, Single-Mom Style


That blog is dedicated to evangelical Christianity with rare mentions of Mormonism.

When I do mention Mormonism, you can occasionally find me blogging at:

LDS & Evangelical Conversations
Worlds Without End: A Mormon Studies Roundtable

Finally, if you’re here because you got “clobbered” by me once upon a time and you hate me and you were just now marinating in your years-old bitterness and decided to Google me, see whether I’m still blogging, and leave hateful comments on my blog cackling about my divorce or otherwise making personal attacks on me: do you have any idea how sad that is? I mean, look at yourself, wasting your time on me all over some butthurt that happened years ago.


Only people who have never been divorced should offer thoughts on things that can lead to divorce. Because logic.

Speak the truth in grace and love... with a FAKE e-mail address. It's what Jesus would do!

“Peace and love in Jesus Christ as I heap my scorn and derision on you. I’m sure your ex-husband will stop abandoning his children and become a better parent than you any day now.”

I think you should move on. I certainly have.

Thanks again to everyone who read. May God richly bless you and keep you.

– Bridget Jack Jeffries aka “ClobberGirl”
January 9th, 2016